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Reduce Risk- Safety Matters!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Increasingly, our suppliers are positioning the safety aspects of their line, mentioning phrases such as Prop 65 Compliant. Many of our supplier take regulations up a step. For example, did you know that our preferred displays provider is not only compliant but approved, meaning they don't have to label their products safe for use because each product has been approved to the most rigorous safety standards.

What's the benefit to you? Let's say you were hosting a conference in California, you don't need to worry that products you plan to use are not compliant with regulations by your venue space.

Why should we focus on safety? It's an important part of our relationship to select the "right partner". We have numerous choices. Our website is selective, featuring our favorite and best supplier relationships. Each of the suppliers featured is dedicated to quality, safety and like us, value.

When I say value I don't mean price, I mean value.

Do you know where your products come from?

We do. We also like to break down jargon to provide education and make sure you understand what's in your products.

Words like safety, ethics, environment, compliance, and socially responsible are words that we take seriously. Your brand reputation is critical so we are committed to partnerships with suppliers that apply high safety standards and conduct business in ethical and socially responsible ways.

By vetting our partners carefully we are able to reduce risks to your brand, your business and the people who interact with the products you select. If your company would like more information about product safety, inspections in oversea factories and compliance to regulations or that maintain certifications; just ask.

Adherence to the Code of Conduct within our industry also extends to principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Why do we care? Not only should you know about where your products are made and sourced, but the human element is core to who we are as a company. We've chosen, since 2007, to focus on an ability to take our conversations offline. The technology tools we provide our clients offer seamless access, but it's the personal touch that we've always provided as a value add. It only makes sense that our supply chain is based on positive choices by our most trusted suppliers.

Our company maintains safety aware certification, through our PPAI certification program. This designation requires we stay current, through safety & compliance course work, regarding current safety protocols. We also have a super power in our company. Yep, that's Keith he is our super hero when it comes to technical information around safety. How did he get to be our hero? Over 20 years in the environmental testing industry- including testing for the EPA.

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