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What Do Dogs, Puzzles & Parks Have in Common?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Dogs, puzzles and parks are all things our teammate, Arien likes. Yesterday, we talked about how what we offer ties in with your integrated marketing strategy which is how Arien landed at our doorstep. Today is Arien's first work anniversary, so let's go behind the scenes and get to know her better. To set the stage, keep in mind, these questions were fired off at 8:30 am! What could be more fun than having your workday start out with thought-provoking questions, right?

Let's start with some softball questions, states Olivia.

Olivia - "Have you always had dogs?"

Arien - "Yes," with an enthusiastic smile & nod. She currently has two, a silver lab and a hound mix - Luca & Piper! Arien grew up around dogs. In fact, one of her Grandmother's even had 10 at one time! (She's had a rabbit, turtle, cat and fish to count as companions.)

Olivia - "How about academic pursuits. What was a major take away from your college experience?"

Arien -"Academic education prepares you with scenarios, providing knowledge to apply, but the real world builds and tests those skills- your ability to adapt".

Olivia - "You've been part of the team and our industry now for a year. How has your perception of our industry either been reinforced or changed over time?"

Arien - "There is a lot more going into a promotion behind the scenes than I realized- product selection, research, graphic assistance, selecting partners and tracking order progress." An exciting part for me is seeing first hand how tangible branding fits into a brand's integrated marketing communications efforts. Public relations and global marketing rely on a consistent and cohesive message, your tangible branding should reflect the same message being presented in all other aspects."

Olivia - "Is here anything you find frustrating about our industry?"

Arien - "Not being taken seriously, for those that can't see what we do & that we offer more than just pens or mugs."

Olivia - "Do you have a favorite project you've been a part of to date?"

Arien - "I like that our projects and tasks are team-oriented. At any time one person might take the lead, but the ideas & direction are developed together." "Right now it's rewarding to see our retro spin on twin pops take off. Social media is an unknown result. The puzzle is what will be "the thing" that captures attention. Currently, our Popsicle contest for kids to benefit Safe Kids is gaining momentum & impressive views. It also made my rainy day to have a 6 year old submit our first entry because it was exciting to have a reason to create art."

Olivia - "Okay, let's get into some more challenging questions - What is it about marketing & promotions that you find rewarding?"

Arien - "I love solving puzzles, from Sudoku to Crosswords, I like the challenge of finding the pattern and fitting things together." "What we offer clients has so many possible choices, it's finding the product that fits the purpose, budget and outcome they are seeking- it's like solving a puzzle."

Olivia - "Are you an introvert or extrovert?"

Arien insists she is neither, a hybrid instead. Both an environment or project can bring out her chatty or quiet side. Having grown up in a more rural area, with access to larger urban areas, she likes that the triangle area reminds her of home- access to events, parks, beaches, mountains or even quiet less traveled spots to reflect.

"What do you enjoy about your work here? Assuming you like it here" laughed Olivia!

Arien - "I do, it's a comfortable environment where we can all be ourselves, not too serious but with purpose. I get to create things, learn new things, solve puzzles and be part of a team that cares about one another." "Whew, laughs Olivia, "good answer!"

Olivia - "Last question, think about it for a while and tell me - What's your biggest take away from the past year at Promotional Partners?"

Arien says later in the morning, reflecting on working with clients and our own marketing efforts, "It's hard when you are involved to step back and see what makes you unique to others. Sometimes it takes an outsider to bring that to life - share that story."

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