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What Does It Mean to Be Resilient?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Overcoming obstacles, rising to challenges, and adapting to circumstances are all phrases associated with demonstrating resiliency. One's emotional strength is tested in a crisis and there is no doubt that stories are abundant for individuals going above & beyond to solve challenges and forge ahead.

Today I'd like to acknowledge our industry partners. We value the relationships we've formed over the past 13 years. Some industry partners we see with frequency through shows or visits, while others are so far away, it's only through phone calls & emails that we have become friends. Yet, we share jokes and personal stories that connect us as individuals.

A client recently summed up the past 8 weeks as a "dumpster fire" of chaos. The 4th quarter of our industry is always a fire & fury for pace and volume in the production queue- it's an expectation to meet demand. However, no one saw COVID coming. Within days, many of our partners were deemed essential, pivoting to provide PPE products such as masks, barriers, signage, touchless tools and antimicrobial products. Electronic flyers were suddenly replaced by videos and zoom calls. Reduced staff in production facilities were still producing orders around social distancing and safety guidelines. Stock and supply chains relied on communication and quick action to make necessary changes- it was an amazing transformation.

Despite the challenges and changes, we all took the time to hit pause in the chaos. Orders were important to livelihoods, but relationships were even more valuable. We needed to connect, to stop and share jokes, uplift spirits and ask about our families & communities. I've heard it said that friends are the family you choose and it's true. Our industry is a huge family- with our own culture & "inside jokes". John Evelyn once said, "Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world." We are delighted to have such great friends in our industry, responding to challenges every day to help us be the best partner we can be for our clients.

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