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What's A Canvas for Good?

Are you a numbers, data and facts person?

Partnering for corporate responsibility matters more than ever. Stories like Allmade, more than just a tee shirt.

When you want to know the full story, rest assured we have the data. One of the perks of vetting out the best of the best for partners is transparency & communication. Our partners have a types of reports we can share with you.

In this post, we share data direct from our wearable partner Sanmar, who's tagline is Together, For Good. For 51 years, Sanmar has been know for excellence- in quality, innovation mind set and responsibility. They know that blank apparel is more than a blank canvas for decoration. In the right hands, it's also a canvas for good. This partner deliver on an expansive line, with thousands of products, over 34 major brands and a philosophy "that a t-shirt is more than just a shirt- it is a canvas for good."

Let's break down what it means to provide a canvas for good.

They state: As a premier supplier of imprint-able apparel, we understand our role in the industry and the responsibilities that come with it. By keeping the following three key items at the forefront of all our decisions, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change everywhere we do business.

  • People: We know our choices can make a difference and positively impact lives. Whether at one of our distribution centers, home office, or one of our supply chain partners, people are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Planet: When it comes to making a difference to our planet, SanMar is committed to being a good steward of the environment, which starts by looking inward. We regularly evaluate our operations to assess our performance in terms of energy use and emissions, water use and waste reduction.

  • Product: The journey of creating products with positive impact means looking closer at how they are made. We recognize that the choices we make, from design to development, sourcing to manufacturing, can lead to good things when done right.

SanMar’s Science-Based Target

SanMar has set an ambitious, company-wide target to cut carbon emissions in line with climate science. They are the first supplier in our industry to have an approved science-based target to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. Additionally they are

committed to reduce scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 50% per pound of product by 2030 from a 2019 base year. If you are into numbers, ask us to provide the full report and science behind this goals.

Why are these initiatives important to SanMar? The largest share of emissions are generated in the supply chain from raw materials and the manufacturing in the production of apparel products. By working to reduce the impact of products & changing operational procedures they are part of combating climate change.

Do you know what else is great about this partner? Their products are perfect for all types of decoration- including DTG, which is a smart environmental choice and embroidery!

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