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When Are Smiles Valuable?

Always! It means someone is happy!

This is National Embroidery Month. Did you know that embroidery has been a decoration option since 30,000 BC? Yep, & that's a long time. Why is this method of decoration so popular and timeless? In a word, flexibility. This post explores some of the reasons embroidery is such a flexible option for decoration.

Another reason embroidery is flexible- it's one of the few decoration methods where a file can be created easy, with or without a vectored file.

Embroidery also provides some visual appeal through the texture of the stitching. Decoration can be directly stitched to clothing & caps or even patches!

This image of hand stitched embroidery showcases the beauty of a stitched design. However, your stitched apparel will be done by a machine, not by hand. Thread spools feed into the machine based on the instructions in your digitized- DTG file. Basically the file becomes a map for the machine to follow to complete the design work.

Some items are hooped to stitch, some are clamped. A standard left chest hoop is no larger then 5 inches in diameter. Most logos are about 3" inches wide, but can be larger & smaller depending on the about of detail in the design. The number of stitches to produce the logo generates the cost. The more stitches, loosely referred to as stitch count- the higher the price to decorate.

Decoration is an art.

The final art result starts with quality file for the machine to follow, plus the tension of the machine. Items like caps and bags must be clamped, a hoop won't fit. Every part of the process factors into the outcome. Even the apparel fabric. Some surfaces work better for embroidery decoration than others because of the pile, thickness or rigidity of the material.

Another critical part of being a trusted partner means listening to what's important to you in the design work stage. Your message and vision are important. What looks sharp on a website or in print, may present challenges in the decoration process. We walk you through the process.

Common Challenges include:

Working with small imprint areas

Preventing fill through design changes

Full color logos with gradients- there is no way to show dimensional shading in embroidery

What else is important?

Your smile- happy clients are one of the best parts of our partnership.

Here's a recent testimonial.

"As a small business owner, I contacted Promotional Partners to assist in creating products for my staff to show my appreciation. Olivia was highly responsive to my needs regarding promotional productions for my small private practice. Olivia and her team listened to my mission and meaning behind our existing logo. They were able to align with my vision to develop a new refreshing logo for my practice. Now we have a beautiful image that is bright, happy and makes me smile each day when I see it. What started as a simple product purchase, ended up improving all areas of my practice with a new and updated logo! "

Our partner, Lauren Stalte, owner of Little Bean Speech is passionate about her practice. Her personal story, is the driving force behind her desire to help kids reach their potential. She's created right blend of training & strategies in the comfort of home.

She wanted to refresh her current logo. We were able to make some small tweaks to her existing logo, which had gradients and small details that might fill, creating a logo that worked in print, web and embroidery.

Scroll here to see how we kept the message- little bean's grow!

Reaching their full potential.

Access to our graphic design team, comparing products & trying on clothing for fit in our showroom is part of our collaborative process.

We love it when the finished product makes your smile. That's a valuable smile!

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