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What's Better Than Denim?

Maybe nothing- stitched up initially for hardworking individuals needing durable clothing this fabric has become the go to staple in the modern wardrobe. In fact, denim might be the new little black dress or black trousers that were the go to item in our closet. Think about it- do you know anyone without a pair of jeans?

Regardless of your personal style, there is a pair that's right for your signature look, from bedazzled, to flared, to torn or just basic jeans.

Have you heard of a Canadian Tuxedo?

It means head to toe denim. Perhaps a little too much enthusiasm for denim. However, watch for more denim in retail fashion, which will filter to corporate branding.

What other trends are popular for keeping your team sharp?

Athleisure, soft, comfortable clothing that feel cozy is still going strong. While this video was first launched in 2020, these pieces remain popular editions in our showroom. Casual yet upscale for men, check out untucked shirts with jeans & a sport coat when you want to dress up.

Spending more on a hoodie that is well made, goes a long way and is one of those kept, worn, and appreciated items in your daily wardrobe. A couple of our favorites American Giant & TenTree, which is also a great segway into sustainability. Right now, clothing with recycled fibers, repurposed water bottles as well as the life cycle of the garment product are hot trends. Brand names continue to be in demand for aligning your brand with quality. Less is more.

What’s hot on a hoodie or full zip item? A custom

or dynamic graphics. Consider co branding or add an element of surprise to a gift for the workplace.

VIPS keep watching for a video snap shot from the showroom featuring new collections.

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