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What's In Your Pantry?

50% of the plastic used in the U.S. is used just once then thrown away.

Together we can change that. While there is no one trend that will boost sales, sustainability has met fashion. It's a trend that is translating into consumer behavior. In fact, environmental impact is a concern ranked as very important to Generation Z and Millennial consumers. Our blog is designed to provide insights and education not only to make you smarter but to insure your product selections align with the values your ideal consumer seeks. For example:

What's naturally occurring behind Eco choices- the experimentation of unconventional fabric and materials. You might have seen our wheat plastic post, vegan leather our re-tee post, or even our post about recycled bottles diverted away from landfills. We have numerous partners that seek to offer more than just products, they want to make an impact with the products that sell to you. Like what?

Designed for life

Sustainable design is good for the planet. We have access to products that are long-lasting, durable essentials designed for the whole family to eat healthier and ditch single-use disposables.

Balancing purpose + profit

We partner with Certified B Corporations, who meet rigorous social and environmental standards and stay true to their mission to inspire stewardship and operate with integrity and responsibility.

Give back with every purchase

Organizations working hard to protect the planet need support which is why we're proud to partner with suppliers who are members of 1% for the Planet.

Among the offerings from this line are stainless steel food storage solutions.

These types of nesting, stackable, airtight food storage solutions keep food fresh, reduce waste, can be used on the go or as your next favorite kitchen essential. As stainless these products are also easy-to-sanitize solutions. What's in your pantry?

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