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What's Is Water for Good?

World Water Day 2023 was March 22nd, did you catch this earlier post about brands making a different to reduce water waste, reduce plastic in our oceans and initiatives to provide clean water access?

Water for Good is an organization committed to access to clean water to move out of a cycle of poverty & disease. This year's theme is 'Accelerate Change'. This initiative is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

Imagine a world with no clean drinking water, walking miles each day to find water, then bringing back gallons of dirty water back to your family. This is water poverty and causes disease.

Right now one of our favorite partners for good will be contributing 5% on these two popular products.

Make an impact and be prepared for summer fun with these popular products!

This special is a BOGO for you & others!

Learn more about these products, the mineral free sun stick and soothing sticks.

We've been sharing about organizations and products that address clean water access for a while. Read more here.

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