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What Sticks Around?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

A sticker!

Today is National Sticker Day. An extremely durable, colorful, low-cost marketing tool is a sticker. Stickers are also easy to mail, hand distribute, sell at point of purchase for retail or to quickly brand an item with your message.

Stickers are perfect for the brand enthusiast - to apply to their laptop & show support for their favorite coffee shop. Our favorite shop is Common Grounds of course, and it's conveniently located right below us!

Single sheet stickers like these ones for their fans are also useful for handing out at events or using as mailers. In fact, have us print the back of the sticker paper with a coupon to return to your business or a QR code to highlight new products or services.

Soft Touch stickers add a little zing!

Stickers can also be custom shapes and have different adhesives. The type of adhesive varies by the use. We can do repositionable options, as well as extreme heat & oil for dirty job workspaces. Rolls are one of the most affordable ways to receive stickers - simply peel and stick or tear off a perforated sheet.

Common applications for stickers:

  • Adding to gift bags

  • Sealing envelopes

  • Identifying attendees & employees

  • Adding to hard hats & helmets

  • Spirit wear sheets

  • Asset tags

  • Labels

  • Sunburn protection

  • Safety Instructions or Warnings

  • Business contact information for repair & service

  • Conventions - to drive foot traffic to your booth with removeable floor stickers

  • COVID messaging for walls, windows, doors, floors, desks, counters and sidewalks

  • Special events - ribbon cuttings and festivals

  • Sales & specials

Which generations are the most obsessed with stickers? Find out here.

Are you obsessed with stickers? Let us know by commenting!

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