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Wheels Up, Travel Stress Down

Vacations are a great way to relieve stress from everyday life and take a break from reality. Summer is a popular travel season. However, if you plan on flying right now, traveling to and from your destination may be anything but stress-free. Flying is already stressful to so many, and when you add in flight cancellations and stolen or misplaced luggage, airports are your barrier to a relaxing getaway.

People have started using Apple Airtags while traveling to keep track of their luggage by slipping one in their bags. Using Apple's "Find My Device" feature, Airtags show the exact location of your Airtagged items on your Apple device, so if your luggage is stolen or misplaced, you'll be able to reunite with it shortly!

The last thing you want to do is lose the Airtag, but luckily we make amazing keychains to keep them with your items, and we'll even customize them for you!

We don't have any tricks to alleviate the stress of flight cancellations or delays, but hopefully this luggage hack helps reduce stress from any vacations you have this summer!

What products have changed the way you travel? Let us know!

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