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When Inspiration Hits - Go For It!

When an idea starts to take shape, it's important not to stifle the process. If you're like us, you like to dream in color! Spectacular graphics, with lots of color, fit best on products with a large imprint area.

A large imprint area is frequently found with a bag or notebook but requires what's called a "wrap" on drinkware or writing instruments. A wrap imprint is just like the word sounds - it's the ability to wrap content or images around the surface of the object. This extra-large imprint area opens up our one of our favorite opportunities - space for creative marketing.

Pens are low cost enough to drop off to your target markets

Mugs are another great option!

Creative options include:

  • Coupons - add a call to action to visit your location

  • Education tips - demonstrate your expertise

  • Testimonials - convey why your partners rely on you

  • QR codes - directions, video, web tour, menus or application to an open job position

  • Modern version of your business card

  • Add maps

  • Welcome messages & tips for conference attendees

  • Team or family photos with signatures or messages to celebrate milestone moments

  • Self-care tips

Our showroom has the products to compare. Our graphic team can make your vision a reality and through collaboration we can craft a plan to keep your brand message inserted into the hands of your target market.

Looking for more inspiration? Keep following our blog and check out pens with 3 free imprint areas! Yep 3! Each location can be different with no set up!!

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What's your favorite product and marketing strategy we've shared?

We hope you are inspired to create!

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