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10 Key Ways To Own Your Space

The words influencer, hashtag & individualism are all words associated with standing out from the crowd; being recognized or you might say commanding attention.

It's your choices & your actions that are truly defining moments.

Everything about your brand should make an impression, from your social media, to your website to the moment an individual walks into your business. Own your space by filling the footprint with visual reminders of who you are, what you value, the people behind your success and where you invest in the community. Think of your space more like a gallery. Select images that represent the story behind your business.

Maybe 2024 is the year you invest in yourself. Simple improvements can be made as you have budget or dive into a complete re-fresh of your space. Think of your business space more like a retail space. A well merchandised store creates visual appeal and keeps consumers engaged.

Use the space to promote, communicate, create and advertise.

Here are 10 key areas to explore- we have samples in the showroom & design studio to compare next time your at our suites.

  1. Removeable graphics for the walls & floors.

  2. Items that hang from the ceiling

  3. Floor matts for visual message, safety and anti fatigue- even colorful pops of color with plush carpet like mats, that are easy to roll up and take to another space.

  4. Framed prints with easy to change graphics

  5. Sleek aluminum prints

  6. Modern acrylic prints

  7. Maybe rustic wood is more your vibe

  8. Use barrier style - convention walls to share messages, divide space and add privacy.

  9. Wayfinding Signs

  10. Don't be afraid to go custom

So many ways to have fun with the surfaces in your space!

Do you have a favorite?

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