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5 Brands for Gifting

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

There are 5 major reasons that consumers like brand names. Let's take a look at some popular brands that serve up some great ideas for holiday gifting- specifically to brand loyalists.

Drinkware is always a popular category for gifts.

  • Useful

  • Inexpensive when you consider the number of impressions generated

  • Works for any demographic

  • Plenty of decoration options for captivating graphics or large wrap imprint areas

Given the time of year, today we thought it would be fun to feature Snowfox brand. If you not familiar with the brand, it's Snowfox insulated stainless steel partyware was created with one thing in mind - having fun! And what could be more fun than perfectly chilled drinks that stay that way?

Inspired by a Southern California lifestyle, their stemless wine, beer and cocktail glasses were designed to look and feel like sipping from premium glassware, but with all the benefits of insulated stainless steel. Easy to hold. Cold cocktails, of course!

Snowfox's products all come packaged in premium, fun and high quality gift boxes!

This e-catalog features some top brands for gifting this season such as:

DYLN - learn more about the brand here

Polar Bottle - learn more about the brand here

Hitch - learn more about the brand here

Swig - made by women, learn more about the brand here

Takeya - learn more about the brand here

Vinglace - learn more about the brand here

Looking for something that's perfect for high performance or Eco solutions?

Check out our next couple blog posts.

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