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5 Innovative Ways To Add Value

When I was a kid "everyone" had a pet rock. It didn't do anything, but still it added value. How? Probably the biggest value was our parents' amusement at how a rock in a box could keep us busy for 5 minutes, when there were plenty of rocks outside we'd overlooked thousands of times before. It's true that to add value, the recipient must appreciate the benefits a product will add to their life. Let's explore 5 new product trends that are getting attention.

  1. Let's shed some light on popular products, including products that illuminates your brand when used. Really, your logo will glow!

  2. What can be accomplished with your hand? A lot and when you are juggling work, the family or even trying to walk your dogs - wireless earbuds might make your life a lot easier.

  3. Straws continue to be a popular gift, not only for environmental reasons, but healthcare reasons as well. A reuseable straw that is easy to clean and compact enough to carry in your purse or work bag is essential to converting your plastic preferences to sustainable efforts.

  4. Are you ready for your bathroom scale to perform more tasks for your health? Would the data collected and sent to your phone be helpful to reaching your goals?

  5. Consider this - 71% of consumers own branded drinkware, which reinforces the popularity of this type of product for increased engagement among your target markets. A copper insulated tumbler that also holds a can has become an instant favorite.

Would any of these products add value in your life?

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