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6 Secrets to Brand Consistency

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Brand consistency can easily fall by the wayside, some brands have multiple people pushing out marketing material which means potential for tone and voice to vary. The result? the strength of your brand can take a hit. Staying consistent in all marketing efforts means your customers will be able to easily recognize your brand without the need for excessive branding.

How can you ensure you're maintaining brand consistency?

  1. Define your mission & vision. Who are you? What is the goal of your brand? Why was it created?

  2. What's your vibe? How do you communicate, what do you believe in, what lines won't you cross? If you know the answers to these questions, use them to guide you in the choices you make for your brand. If you know them, make sure your audience does too. Individuals like supporting brands that align with their values.

  3. Build brand ambassadors from the inside out. If your employees don't know what makes you tick, they can't articulate that to others and they can't adhere to guidelines. Similarly, if your employees don't believe in what you offer and don't trust you, how can you expect your customers to believe in you. Having employees as brand ambassadors reassures customers who interact with them that your brand is ethical and worth it. Reward those employees with company-branded swag they'll want to wear and use outside of the office!

  4. Walks like a duck, must be a duck. Make sure what you say about yourself, reflects your actions, and crosses over all your communication channels. No matter where your audience interacts with your brand, you want them to be able to recognize you!

  5. Be social. Show your personality on social media platforms, but be selective. Pick platforms that fit your brand rules- back to #2; your vibe. Don't take on more channels that you have time to support. Remember, it's better to be good on a few platforms than bad on all platforms.

  6. Have a manager. While it might be a team of people or departments, have one person that controls the overall look and tone; don't let folks go rouge, even if they are the owner.

Now that you know how to create a consistent brand message, let's see how you can tell your brand story!

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