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7 Ways Create A Brand Experience

Updated: Jan 3

Shared experiences ignite & sustain relationships.

The holidays are over but gifting is year-round.

What message are you sending recipients with your gift selections?

While your ticket to the Golden Globes may only include a seat from your recliner, that's no excuse to miss out on the swag. In fact, we've taken a behind the scenes peek of this year's swag bags. Take a look at this list of amazing luxury products. When looking for ways to spice up your referral gifts- read between the lines, locate the trend & share the experience with your vertical markets through branded gifts.

Here are a few notables that stood out to our team worth considering:

  • Travel is back! Signature, solutions oriented products to ease the travel experience.

  • Luxury never goes out of style- name brands are associated with quality.

  • Products associated with a heart- giving back, to support arts, education, journalism, humanitarian projects, and non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry.

  • Self Care - so many types of products, plus we can kit it to drop ship!

  • Body Art- temporary art can be fun for your marketing moments, read more here

  • Suede bags- ask us about our custom options; we have samples.

  • Lighters- affordable name brand's like Zippo

  • Custom Sneakers- We have samples of popular styles in our showroom.

What we found interesting is that all of these swag bag ideas have been centered around marketing campaigns Q4 of 2023- so still on trend.

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