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Blue Lights Can Be Fun!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

When folks see blue lights and hear a siren, they usually start to stress- fearing a ticket or worse! However, law enforcement officers spend countless hours leveraging positive community engagement, rather than tickets. Well, maybe some fun tickets including some from Chick-Fil-A for free ice cream. The coupons are for kids caught wearing their helmets, receiving a helmet ticket! Now that is a ticket I can get behind.

What's positive community engagement? How about meeting with homeowner groups, citizens for coffee with a cop, shopping with local kids at Christmas, joining the fun with residents for all our local festivals, fundraising for Special Olympics and providing programs to help protect the community?

An important component of community policing is for the public to become educated about rules that are there for their safety, and programs to help them stay safe such as shredding days for old documents/numbers or lock or lose it- keeping your car doors locked to prevent easy access theft. An important education tip in our busy downtown district- knowing the rules of the road for bikes and pedestrians at cross walks. A fun stress squeeze like this mini police car offers a fun way to keep messages top of mind- mine's on my desk. 

What else can you do with stress squeeze? 

How about blood donor events? The new super squish heart   providing slow motion stress squeeze is perfect for making a fist and fun!

Check out our Facebook page for more videos, including mellow fellow- a smiling stress squeeze. That smile is a great message for healthcare, smiling professions like photographers, dental, orthodontists, and anyone with satisfied customers!

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