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Chart An Impressionable Course

Innovative partners are our match.

We love creative partners that offer the flexibility & depth of material to allow us to design & share your story. Promotional products are so much more than a product. In an experienced hand, they are a canvas & the medium for messages.

Journals are more than a place to record notes, they are a place to engage with your thoughts & reflect. Through custom design, a journal becomes an interactive space for the recipient. It's a collaboration between your intended user and what you want to convey that builds the perfect book.

It's a bonus that one of our favorite partners is also homegrown- operating here in NC and has been known as “America’s Premier Journal Innovator” for years, winning numerous awards.

What types of creative options can this partnership produce?

Below are images from on our collaboration, with a retiring principal. She frequently referred to the quote inserted in the journal, and wanted to leave a challenge to her staff on an interactive page, with custom bookmarks with the school mascot- the clippers, to guide the journey of their next school year without her. Stay the course!

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