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Consumer Interaction, The Ultimate Brand Experience

How does a business or an organization get someone else to talk about their brand?

Before a consumer will laugh at memes or purchase a Carhartt beanie just to walk to the coffee shop, the consumer must respond to the story behind the brand. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that technology can connect us anywhere, but that in-person interaction bonds us. Suddenly we want to hug, shake hands, and long for the days we can gather in masses. What makes those moments more impactful than a Zoom meeting - the power of touch.

During our annual PPAI Promotional Products WORK Week, our company featured videos, shared stats & stories that captured how touch builds brands and influences consumers. Our blog is an ongoing way to share quick tips in developing innovative integrated marketing campaigns. For our team, developing ideas is "who we are" - our company DNA. Last week, for example, a client shared, "I don't know if we will have a holiday order this year, our budget's been cut and we don't know how to help the way we have in the past in the community and tie in our giving to employee recognition."

Immediately, Olivia suggested for their annual toy collection, to a local charity drive, they ask each employee to share a story around their favorite toy. How old were they when they go the toy, what made them want it, who gave it to them or when did they receive it? Then share those stories among the team. Then challenge the team to find that toy to donate or a similar toy. Include a photo and story with the gift about why that toy was special - provide the human interaction, by touching the heart of another. Providing the touch we are all craving right now. Once the charity work is complete, send each team member an affordable toy!

Yes, our industry is full of interactive games & puzzles, coloring books for adults, plush animals - even giant outdoor lawn games. Select a reminder product that will show appreciation for each team member's spirit and their willingness to recall the childlike joy associated with "play". In fact, Simon says, your memory retention for the joy of giving in 2020 might become even stronger through play!

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