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Debunking Quick Turn Myths

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Quick turn is a reality- last minute requests and projects arise. Combine those needs with year end budget to expend or holiday gifts and well, there are ways to prevent frustration. In this flashback post from 2012, we've captured some myths that need to be debunked related to quick turn projects.

Myth 1- "Everything is true on the internet".

Sorry pricing, stock may not be accurate; busy suppliers may not have updated changes.

Myth 2- I did not see this product on your website so you must not carry it.

Wrong, we'd overwhelm you if every product choice was on our site- it's an overview. In fact, a perk of working with our company is the human collaboration. We make orders go smoothly like elves at the North Pole. During the crunch of the holidays what variables should be considered?

Myth 3- Packaging is difficult

Nope, we can kit products prior to arrival, we can drop ship to each location, insert cards and even provide custom packaging. These are options with our fulfillment programs, just ask. The less you have to “touch” the project at a busy time the more time for your hands to do other things, perhaps sampling cookies from the office cookie exchange? 

Myth 4- Mine is the only order

Sorry, suppliers are processing 1,500-2000 orders a day. UPS and FEDEX are on the roads early in the am and late in the evening. Even Santa almost canceled Christmas due to weather. LEAD TIMES increase and mistakes happen. The earlier we start, during peak times, the less chance of an unpleasant surprise.

Myth 5- You've got time for one more order

Sadly no, there reaches a capacity to how much can be processed with a guaranteed date.

Myth 6 · Shipping myself will be easier to control the outcome

Maybe, if you do a lot of shipping then you may know the guidelines for each carrier. For example did you know there is a max on the amount of information that can be put on a shipping label and no shipping to PO boxes? Did you know that food may require special packaging like inserting cooling packs or upgraded shipping? Our suppliers are accustom to shipping all over the country; even overseas.

While I could share more tips- the good news is our team's " got this" for you.

Internally our team works together to enter orders with supplier partners, they all have different formats, rules and time lines! Your electronic files are formatted, labeled and checked before submitting. Po's list all the details that are a must for an accurate on time order. We confirm order confirmations and electronic proofs before moving forward to production. to check with you.  Placing an order and confirming details can take 15-30 minutes to process- making time sensitive orders important for communicating firm deadlines on order placement.

Communication is how we keep our clients from being disappointed, we want to stay on your nice list and make magic happen all year long when you need a quick delivery.

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