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Sea's The Day!

Summertime is around the corner- we love to sea ourselves at the beach!

Yes- misspelled on purpose.

Why? We already told you happiness comes in waves.

When you want to make an impression, you know- a splash, we can help!

Let's design & craft a curated kit. That kit should include useful items for any adventure. The element of surprise and anticipation created through a visually appealing package is a welcomed distraction from the daily routine.

The unboxing experience is part of what we remember about receiving a gift.

If kitting, shipping or designing makes you nervous, no worries, we have options! We like making your life simple, our latest way to assist includes a new program with personalization's. This new program is meant for on demand solutions, shipping around the country to individuals after a conference or in prep for an event.

Today's post is part of another program we offer called perfectly packaged. This program allows our design team to flex their muscles & have fun with your theme. This type of program is perfect for anniversary's, on-boarding, loyalty or recognition.

Watch the excitement unfold, or unbox in this case!

What's inside? Well even some surprises to me!

I initially thought the ellevan travel & tech organizer was a fanny pack, but was excited to find this is an item I can use anytime, especially tucking in essentials inside when I visit you!

A passport wallet for my next overseas adventure.

A a reusable water bottle for any type of travel- even it's only to the water cooler across the showroom. That counts as steps!

I love the sustainability connection too.

Notice how the theme carries out across the packaging, the printed card and the products with full color. Use our graphic team to design to create something special. Besides, maximizing space for your content, we'll "that's our thing." Why not put all the knowledge & talent behind your marketing efforts with a partner that adds more value? Our studio & showroom are the perfect place to collaborate & plan.

Summer is associated with travel, so let's hit the road with these products in hand. Make one of your destinations our VIP only event next week or stop by when you're our way. We love seeing you- it brings waves of happiness.

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