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Highlighting 4 Essential Steps In Creating A Brand Experience

Experiential marketing has become an increasingly popular way for brands to create memorable experiences for their target markets to identify with a brand message; becoming part of the experience behind the brand.

How can an experience create a lasting brand impression?

By creating an immersive experiences that include tangible engagement, the recipient is left with a strong impression . Think about it, our senses are our connection to the world around us. A cap that captures your attention visually, then compels you to try it on, then to purchase, has already become a sensory experience. Then by wearing the cap you become part of the story behind the event, creating a memorable experience each time you wear the cap; connecting you again to the story.

Take your event to another level through tangible marketing. For example at an EarthFest, the educational products at booths should be sustainable or made with recycled content to reinforce the message, then allowing those verbal cues to become part of the DNA from your product "take away" from the event. A simple product becomes a visual, tactical reminder of the message behind it.

By providing consumers with tangible products, a brand can extend the impact of their message beyond the event, reinforce the story or call to action, and will encourage social sharing to a new audience.

Let's highlight

4 key factors to reinforcing your message long term:

  • Relevance: The promotional product should be a relevant fit to both the experience and the brand message.

  • Quality: The quality of your product selection is important; you're leaving an impression about your brand & your message.

  • Utility: Products that are useful in everyday life will be used & then remembered; increasing the value.

  • Branding: Promotional product branding is an art. Successful marketing includes the design & product selection to generate the brand moment when your message will resonate with the target audience.

Experiential marketing is a powerful way for brands to create memorable experiences that extend the reach & impact of their message; creating a lasting impression. That's why our entire team is certified as soon as they start with our company. It's also why we invest in professional development. Two of our team members, Olivia & Miranda, have earned the highest level of certifications in our industry through our industry partner PPAI and ASI; both holding an MAS & MASI certification. Knowledge is part of our local advantage.


PPAI- Promotional Products Association International

ASI- Advertising Specialty Institute

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