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How Are You Adding Value?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

While value may imply lower cost, to add value means the recipient finds worth. When clients are looking for a low-cost item that consistently delivers in VALUE- a pen is a perfect fit! Why? Well, let's start with 89% of consumers own a branded writing instrument and 20% have more than one branded pen! More stat's here.

It's National Ballpoint Pen Day and pens deliver great value! Besides delivering on utility, frequency of use, and low cost a pen can add more value when positioned with your brand values. How?

Today I opened a box featuring new trends, one item was an antimicrobial pen that has tremendous value for your brand message.

  • Do you have a full-color logo? Check - imprint can be in full color!

  • Challenging logo or lots of messaging to include? Check - the imprint area is generous!

  • Are you interested in a greater good? Check - The manufacturing partner is committed to the environment and making a social impact through numerous products in their line.

  • Would you like to add a layer of protection to recipients? Check - the plastic is made with antimicrobial additive in the manufacturing process which remains for the life of the pen, neutralizes 99% of active bacteria, and reduces odor. What's the difference in antibacterial and antimicrobial? Antibacterial kills bacteria only, antimicrobial kills bacteria plus other microorganisms that can cause human illnesses. Read more here.

Besides, the pen writes well, looks sharp, and until August 31 has a special price and FREE SET UP! Take a look at all the special in our red box, here.

Let's add value to your marketing message by working together to layer in products that fit your message and distribution needs. Smart partnerships are always the WRITE choice!

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