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How Strong Is Your Voice?

It's not necessarily be loud to be strong or command attention. In fact, a whisper generates interest. We crave the secret message. Today is National Entrepreneur Day and every entrepreneur wants to make sure their voice is heard; craved.

Your voice is your brand identity at work.

Your brand guide serves as the rules- the gatekeeper for color, font, placement on promotional materials. Your style is the look & feel of your brand; your identity. Being recognized means your voice is credible & reliable to your message; identifiable.

Here are some examples:

  • Patagonia - We’re in business to save our home planet

  • Honest Tea - To create & promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages

Think of your brand identity this way: your logo is the recognized face of your brand, grabbing attention just like your smile. The engagement created by that introduction creates a network of consumers interested products & services you have to offer that hopefully become fans!

Your print materials are visual communications. Your business cards, brochures, business forms, checks and stationary are a first impression to your businesses, as well as your location. What you choose to put on your windows & walls or display are all part of the foundation of your brand message. Unique, memorable and cohesive graphics, will evoke a stronger connection to your message. Creating visuals consumers crave.

What can a designer do for your brand?

Here's a brand launch case study around our partner The Chris Murray Team.

Are you starting to figure our what secrets we've been keeping?

Join us on Small Business Saturday & follow our socials this week, to get the scoop!

How many new businesses were launched in NC during 2021? Read more here.

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