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It's Going To Be A Blockbuster

Last week I saw a news clip about the last remaining Blockbuster, in Oregon, still offering your racks of movies to rent even during the pandemic. In the early 90's there was a Blockbuster on nearly every corner, with 4,500 stores nationwide. The media also likes to tell us that "nostalgia is back, what's old is new" and if you've lived more than a couple decades you know that nostalgia always comes back in some shape or form. As a society, we seem to crave capturing memories that are part of a larger story. While we might not know what we will be talking about from this century, there surely will be room for some humor around zoom meetings!

Meetings, whether virtual or gathered around a large table, are rarely fun. If your manager wanted to insert some fun, they could cater lunchboxes with fun pens instead, like an adult happy meal prize! After all, wouldn't your next zoom meeting be more exciting with a spinner pen or MopTopper product?

PPAI studies conducted among media buyers and consumers reveal new insights into promotional products’ value and effectiveness. Of the consumers surveyed who could recall receiving a promotional product in the previous 12 months, 88 percent could recall the name of the advertiser, and 85 percent have done business with an advertiser as a result of receiving an item. Imagine the impact from your next lunch & learn session if attendees are rewarded with a gift that strategy relates to the touchpoints from the session. What did you highlight, what changes did you suggest that would free up attendees hands, what puzzle did you solve for consumers that brings your message back to their daily routine? As the advertiser, you are controlling the narrative and crafting individual messages to your target audience.

Powerhouse advertisers aren’t just fortune 500 companies, they are mom & pop and everyone in between. What's cool about tangible branding is that there is no one product to select- there are products for any type of consumer and will fit any budget. While you may not be visiting your local blockbuster anymore, it's a memory you can't shake.

The key to designing a successful campaign is selecting a product that your consumer will value and use, which will allow you to project your brand story on your vertical's big screen!

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