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Journal Mania- Is It For You?

It seems everyone is journaling!

In fact, sales of notebooks and journals have hit a 7 year peak across our industry and in retail.

What is behind this soar?

Shift to remote work- a place to collect your thoughts

Digital overload- unplugging from screens and access; shutting out the noise

Mindfulness- taking time to reflect and breathe

Sustainability- a RocketBook does not require paper and some notebooks are refillable, while others are made from recycled materials- even paper from stone.

Crafting- planning & creating- it's hot!

For example, this recycled journal features a recycled polyurethane (PU) cover adorned with a bamboo accent & recycled white lined paper combines style and eco-conscious materials seamlessly. As part of our commitment through 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales from all EcoSmart® products contribute to supporting environmental nonprofits. A stylish choice, making a positive impact too!

What pairs with a journal? Writing instruments of course!

Our showroom is stocked with pens & pencils to compare, so you have the right look & feel for your journal experience. Make sure you like the physical connection in the hand & to the page; it matters.

Add value with custom sticker sheets, bookmarks or enhance your gift presentation with a tear away belly band. Paper can become any shape or have any type of content. Consider adding value with humor- your best dad joke, a call to action for reflection, a QR code to sign up for an upcoming event or to record your impressions from an event for later.

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