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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Did you know this past Sunday was National Handwriting Day? Did you spend that cold winter day writing a letter or reflecting in a journal?

Some of our team recall earning their "cursive license" in grade school, a fun way to mark the transition from using print to cursive writing for recording notes, writing stories and even sending out valentines! Script in different languages takes many forms from letters & symbols that look more like little works of art to the letter connected to form words in English. There's something powerful about the connection of pen & paper. Our signatures and handwriting are distinctive to each of us.

Our team has noticed the more things change, the more they remain the same- just packaged differently to the consumer. Technology has made it simple to live paperless, but do we really avoid paper?

Let's take a look at how handwriting is still part of our daily lives:

  • Technology might make it simple to send an email, but a handwritten note is special.

  • Making a digital list of things to do is handy- it doesn't use paper but it can lack the satisfaction of the tactile experience of crossing off a list, adding a thought to your gratitude journal or leaving a co-worker an inspiring message.

  • Recording your impressions from a meeting in the form of notes creates good reference and also time for reflection.

  • The perfect pairing for storytelling

  • Studies indicate that writing creates retention of information- google it!

Worried about the environmental impact of using paper?

Yes, we have paper products, like journals with recycled content, environmentally friendly inks, layered with giving back to environmental initiatives to save the oceans & our planet; plus digital, reusable writing palettes like Rocketbooks. Adding the personal touch with paper and layering in your own signature style with the design of the product will leave an impression with the recipient.

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