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Oh Dear - Just Write....

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

There is something special about an empty journal; it's the possibilities. We've been talking a lot in our last few blog posts about the power of wonder and artistry. For many the blank page is daunting. Write or draw what?

For our creative team, the blank page represents - possibility. Before you can craft an award-winning campaign you need the WRITE ideas, which often means the right partner. A journal allows you to explore ideas and keep a record of your progress. It doesn't matter if the only Dear your communicating with in a journal is yourself. A journal's purpose is to reflect and record. Perhaps that's why journals continue to be such a popular product in marketing.

Since a journal is bound paper, with a spine or spiral, it's simple to insert:

  • Ruled or graph paper

  • Calendars with the bonus of tools to schedule or prioritize your day

  • Custom pages that include strong visuals, maps, or reference materials

  • How about SmartPicx technology?

  • Premium Sketch paper- for those that think in pictures, love to doodle, or just love the feel of a thick piece of paper in the hand

  • Puzzles, games, color me images to reduce stress

  • Bookmarks, writing instruments, pockets and other value add accessories

  • Eco-friendly? Of course! In fact, we have journals that give back 1% For The Planet!

Don't limit the potential of your imagination with a journal that does not fit your needs. Selecting the numbers of pages, cover materials and method of decoration can be an important part of the journey to wonder. We love putting our imaginations to work to create kits- simple, low cost, high impact inserts with a journal- a pencil, bookmark and lip balm. Don't forget to have those kitted and shipped for you. Presentation matters. Ready to WRITE a brand story?

* Fun fact, we have over 13 pages of posts with reference to the keyword- CUSTOM!

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