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Is Your Story A Page Turner?

Your business profile is meant to capture the essence of yourself to a stranger, but introducing your entire business- well that's a bit trickier. Making an impression is a work of art- showing enough imagery to delight the eye, with enough intrigue to the story behind the images to capturing what makes your organization tick in under a minute. A successful introduction is the difference between a desire for dialogue or the recycle bin.

As individuals and as organizations, we are complex. Discovering what's behind the surface, and the value brought to a relationship is one of our favorite types of campaigns. Dimensional mailers aren't merely envelopes or boxes, they are containers that should become part of your story. In fact, they can be a compelling storybook- all about your brand.

Think of it this way, from the moment you see a unique mailer box, your story can unfold like a page-turning novel. Get right to the point with compelling questions that create a call to action and set the tone for your story. Consider using technology to transport the recipient, perhaps bookmarking a specific site with a QR code. Items that travel with consumers, like lip balm, are a perfect subtle reminder of your message. Functional items like journals are a great way to provide double value to your target market, but insert some key take-away messages by adding custom pages. For example, we've created custom journals to help attendees follow the conference schedule, while reducing waste, generated a call to action to sign-up for future events, shared the goals & mission behind fundraising, and showcase case studies as a snapshot of a company's creativity at work.

Our team loves incorporating a hidden message, in plain sight- much like the back story to our own company logo. Art in motion! In fact, if you follow each link in this story; you'll have the opportunity to see our creativity at work.

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