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Life Is All About The Mayo!

Through conversation we find common ground that puts us on a road to creating solutions.

Simple right? It should be, but often we create unintended barriers by not forming trust soon enough. In my last post I suggest that a little mayo might be a key ingredient to embrace. Go with me-

Here is a quick test:

  • Always late or always early?

  • Spicy food or sweets?

  • Avoid conflict or willing to share your opinion?

  • Duke's, Miracle Whip or Hellman's?

Did you pass? I hope, because there were no right answers.

Well, except Duke's. It's really the obvious choice.

Hold that judgement for a moment and let's get back to pearls.

While filming the series & corresponding by email, the insights shared keep Emily & I reflecting long after the pearl is posted. Each woman is sharing vulnerable moments, including discussing imperfections, failures, motivators, and insecurities. Each story has been powerful because of the emotional vulnerability. What keeps us up at night or frustrates us during the day, is often an experience shared by those around us- yet until recently, left in silence. Let's talk about it.

When I was in school where you placed your cafeteria tray was often defined by the individuals that seemed the most like you- in appearance & that represented your roots. The modern workplace is redefining the landscape of what it means to be diverse. Younger generations are not blindly following the norm and older generations like myself are not ready to exit the workplace. I still enjoy meeting people and learning something new. Bringing different perspectives into the workplace produces well rounded team's. Solving tasks together requires using our words & actions in ways that build bridges, not walls. Each woman in this series has shared relatable emotion's. By sharing her thoughts each woman is bridging the path to conversations we can navigate together.

Now back to the mayo. What does mayonnaise have to do with diversity?

Try this, ask a group of people in your office which mayo they prefer and bring on the spirited conversation. There will be judgement, but laughs, because why we love our specific brand isn't an uncomfortable topic. Ask something that is edgy, suddenly everyone will need to get back to work. Finding ways to create, collaborate and share common bonds is the clay that helps us work together for amazing results.

PS- The photo selected was also meant to ignite conversation.

Is mayo a dipping sauce or a condiment that should be layered into the sandwich?

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