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Orderly Insights

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Written by Emily Freed

To continue the behind-the-scenes look into the process of Promotional Partners, the next part of the process includes the shipping and processing of the orders. This includes tracking, managing the order, and making sure it gets to the proper location. Internally, this also means that the team is communicating with each other to manage the shipping process efficiently and make sure the items are following the schedule that was agreed upon.

The primary person responsible for this part of the process is Sherri who has a background in accounting and customer service. Sherri explains how her experience propels her work at Promotional Partners by explaining “I feel that having experienced many different careers in my life (Accounting, Real Estate, and IT) gives me a broad spectrum view of business, especially small businesses, and how to cater to the client and give them the experience they need.”

Sherri continues to elaborate on the specificity of her role at Promotional Partners by stating “My role is to follow the order through the process to verify no hiccups. The client does not have to worry about their order as I am making sure it gets to them correctly and on time. If any issues arise, they are notified and if anything goes wrong I, as well as the whole team work with them for a solution.”

This highlights how Promotional Partners is truly involved from the start of a project to the end of the project, and adds the reassurance that your order will be handled properly. Sherri goes into this by saying “I don’t think that clients realize that we are following their order from start to finish. I look at the status of each order every day.”

Through Sherri, Promotional Partners can provide the confirmation and personal knowledge that everything is going according to plan. This also ensures that if there is a problem, it can be solved immediately with as much knowledge about the order as possible because Sherri is tracking the order from start to finish.

To achieve this level of knowledge, Sherri also communicates with the suppliers to make sure they are up to date with the orders as well. She explains this part of the process by stating “We form relationships with our partners, we not only know what items they supply, but we know their processes and the different intricacies of their company. This allows us to help our clients make the right choice for whom they get their orders from. For example, we know which supplier is having staff issues and might be a delay, or which one doesn’t charge an extra fee for proof, or one ship from CA and one from FL and that might make a difference in lead times. Just little things that make a big difference in our client’s experience.”

Just like Miranda and Isabel, Sherri emphasizes the importance of internal and external communication by stating “Communication is always the key to an order going smoothly. We each have a role and without communication, it would never come to fruition.”

Sherri’s in-depth knowledge of each order and making sure everything is processed correctly stresses the point that Promotional Partners goes above a “one-click” shop and cares about each order that is placed through the company.

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