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Our Secret to Brand Elevation

Napoleon Hill said- "The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge."

Knowledge is a hidden strength. Since starting our company in 2007, professional development has always been one of our core values. We are a stronger partner for you, equipped with knowledge.

A commitment to excellence, that's our secret to your brand elevation; adding value!

Our certification journey started in 2007 but could not be earned till 2012. Why? Initially a PPAI certification, a program over 50 years old required at least 3 years of industry experience before you were even eligible to pursue certification. Besides experience, after all the required and elective coursework, you had to pass a final proctored test. YIKES!

Undaunted, Olivia took all those courses and passed! After earning her first certification, she went on to renew and elevate to advanced levels 7 more times! She asked our team to invest in professional development too! Each member that comes on board is required to be initially certified and encouraged to pursue certification levels. Like Olivia, Miranda is also certified by both PPAI and ASI and has earned the highest level of certification by both industry partners- holding both a MAS and MASI.

What makes knowledge a secret asset?

Your company’s greatest asset is its people. To maintain an edge in the globally competitive promotional products marketplace, it’s critical we are equipped with the knowledge and know-how, that provide the insight and intellect, that mixes with our experience and effectiveness for results. Continuing to acquire knowledge in a fast-paced, ever-changing world is the reason we continue to take courses.

Through modern technology, our access to webinars & podcasts, combined with live sessions through our industry events have made it easier than ever to gain access to knowledge! We've tapped into the talents & insights offered by numerous speakers, across a broad range of topics over the years. We aren't gonna lie, the technical ones around safety, compliance, HR, operations & global sourcing are not nearly as exciting as the ones around marketing, social media, trends, sales, decoration, graphics, and developing programs! However, understanding how to ensure your products are safe for distribution, well it matters.

Because creativity has always been a part of our value add, it's important that when we see products and immediately think of applications, our knowledge base helps us craft programs that adhere to our client's goals & objectives.

Can't get enough information about our certification journey. Check out some of our earlier posts, such as what can you do with 10,080 minutes, turning the tassel again or maybe you'd like to learn more about how we deviled into safety certifications for you to know your supply chain and why it matters- from codes of conduct to sustainability practices.

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