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Satisfying An Obsession for Pink

Did you have an uncontrollable urge to wear pink this year?

If so, you were not alone. While suspense has been building for which films will sweep the Golden Globes and Barbie is expected to be a winner; we decided to delve into another top story. The popularity of a Stanley.

In 2019 Stanley, a 110 year old company, hit $73 million in sales. Then a blog followed by women started talking about Stanley. Suddenly a brand that previously targeted men working & playing outdoors was now getting the attention of women also working & playing- well, everywhere. Stanley embraced this new market interest. They adapted and welcomed a new demographic of consumer rolling out pastels and bright colors to the delight of many consumers.

The result? In 2023 Stanley was projected to have $750 million in sales.

Earlier in 2023 we suggested that the Stanley profile, was one of the hottest requests of the year in our shape of water post. Then we outlined how insulation effects the performance of a tumbler, and finally we shared how our talented graphics team utilizes the surface as a canvas for your brand.

On Friday we decided to perform our own research.

Could you identify the profile of the real Stanley among several other copies?

Watch here, the video from our showroom.

Besides the appearance, would the Stanley copies perform- keeping ice? We monitored the progress. Checking in 30 hours later, then an hour shy of 48 hours.

The result was ice in all four tumblers. Almost the exact amount.

Did you figure out which one was the Stanley?

Watch the 48 hour clip as we reveal.

Plus our shorts that compare which 3 had the most ice & which tumbler had the least ice.

Does that mean there is not value to a Stanley?

No, not saying that at all.

Brand names provide trusted consistency, transparency to their supply chain & guarantees.

Additionally Stanley has an impressive commitment to causes related to nature conservation and sustainability, equitable and empowered access to the outdoors, and food security. Click the Stanley link to learn more.

This fun behind the scenes peek does demonstrate there are solid options for quality performance and at least one of these options comes in, you guessed it, pink!

Not every project has the budget for a Stanley; so copies have their place for gifting, marketing and advertising. Sometimes the key factor is the necessity for a larger imprint area or adding special decoration effects. Luckily for you, we vet our partners, we know about their supply chain, the guarantees, the quality and the impact stories behind every choice we offer. This behind the scenes fun also demonstrates the value of our showroom location.

What did we test?

Read your upcoming February newsletter or visit the showroom now to access.

How many more options could we have tested in the 30 ounce & 40 ounce market?

  • Many more than what's reflected on our website, which is why we ALWAYS say, collaborate.

  • Put our knowledge & resources to work for you instead of comparing options on a website.

  • We have numerous other trusted brand name partners.

  • We insure your brand is aligned with the quality & performance you expect from our partnership.

Come on over to collaborate about your next project!

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