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Sticking to Low Cost, High Impact Ideas

We bet you've got a stack of sticky notes or sticky flags within reach on your desk. These items have become an office essential.

Even with the rise in popularity of re use-able surfaces, sticky notes, well- just stick around.

It's also a very versatile product. The surface is literally a blank page, waiting for inspiration. It's an affordable item to give away, mail or use to create attention for a fundraiser, inventoried items or direct mail. Besides, we've been telling you for a while, this type of product is not only visually high impact, but low cost.

Our showroom is the perfect location to compare options and design a solution for your next campaign. Take a look at some ways to use sticky products that perhaps you had not considered.

Engaging your target market- consumers, seminars & workshops.



Handy. Perfect for dorm rooms, lockers, rental properties or a place you don't want to put a nail.

Direct Mailer- call to action.

Lint removers

Inventory's been checked

Getting Noticed

Custom notes

Roll banners

Flag books! A different type of business card solution.

Shop our collection here.

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