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Style Meets Innovation, with a Jiggle & Joggle!

They say the only thing in life that's for sure is death and taxes. If you ask me, rain should be in that statement. Odds are it's going to rain!

If you have to be out the rain, you don't want to get wet. There are a variety of ways to help shed rain & protect you from the elements. The last thing you want to feel is soak and like a wet dog, shaking off the water.

What types of products will protect you?

  1. For example seam sealed zippers, they keep out the rain.

  2. The notebook in this blog post sheds water & rain- allowing you to rite in rain.

  3. A rain poncho- but do you really like the look?

Today's weather defying product is this new umbrella that permanently sheds water away from you. I'd suggest instead of jiggling and joggling away the rain, this umbrella performs a specific way, but alas that would be a trademark infringement.

We seek out creative partnerships & products to bring innovative ideas for you!

How does this innovative product work?

The secret is cutting-edge technology equipped with a nanotech coating on its canopy, enhance its durability and water-repellent properties. Raindrops simply roll off. Plus is folds, has auto open/close for effortless performance even in gusty winds.

Perhaps you'd like to see a demo? Watch this video.

We love when innovation & creativity pack a powerful punch for your brand.

We'd say this product is one for our quirky enough to work series!

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