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This Will Be A Piece of Cake...

Written by Emily Freed

Over the summer I observed the Promotional Partner’s team from an outsider's perspective with the primary focus being on their marketing strategies, communication strategies, and creative solutions. As I have continued my time at the company, I have been able to observe more thoroughly the day-to-day processes that occur. This ranges from the initial contact of clients to creating the art, to ensuring the order is processed correctly.

Since this is not a one-click business, I thought it would be insightful to share a behind-the-scenes look into how orders are actually created and received. I will be following the whole process throughout this month and hopefully allow you to see how this process is made a “piece of cake” by the Promotional Partners team. This will also let you get to know the team members who make it all possible.

One of the major themes I would like to highlight is how Promotional Partners utilizes the personal connections made from each client meeting to enhance the results and process of making an order. The owner and main point of contact at first, Olivia Scott, uses her knowledge, creativity, and expertise to guide her company's collaborative process so their client's needs are fulfilled.

According to Olivia, “Our best collaborations & outcomes start with a conversation. The time spent one-on-one in our showroom space & design studio helps to identify the best course for designing a client campaign. Access to products & talented team is an essential step. 2020 helped us all realize that virtual meetings are a critical step when the distance between us is too great to travel or a larger team of individuals needs to coordinate schedules to meet. We even chat on the phone. Instead of using valuable time going down a rabbit- hole of product choices- putting trust in our team to suggest the best product options for your project is an important part of our process. We do the heavy lifting, creating more time for our clients to focus their time on other tasks."

One-on-one consultation truly distinguishes Promotional Partners from other companies. Their agency approach provides more than products- there are marketing concepts, plans, and graphic design that are layered into your campaign objectives & goals. Through personal connection, relationships form which allows the team to creatively capture the essence of your message and your brand through tangible products.

“Over the years our tagline has evolved. Initially, it was creating impressions one brand at a time, which focused more on the imprint representing one's brand; a caretaker of your brand management as a partner to our current tagline of visionary assurance, and united purpose, which captures our partnership value. The secret behind our growth is an ability to connect to your message & your core values. Layering in our marketing & graphic expertise, along with industry certification, longevity & knowledge creates an environment where our client collaborations generate purposeful outcomes."

Collaboration doesn't stop with brainstorming or end once an order is placed, the team is constantly working together and discussing every aspect of your project from concept to delivery.

In this world filled with materialistic items at your disposal and where ordering items is as easy as clicking a button, having the opportunity to sit down with someone who can physically show you the products is a huge advantage to spreading your brand’s message. Instead of settling for the first product you see, Olivia and others on our team can provide you with the inside scoop, based on their collective certified knowledge base that goes beyond your expectations.

See the difference for yourself by contacting Promotional Partners and coming to visit the showroom. Continue following our blog this week for more posts about our team members and a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process.

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