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We've Got Your Sign!

We convey your story or message through print; you know, signs.

As the intern at Promotional Partners this summer, I am able to offer you an inside look into how our business can collaborate with yours and even suggest how impactful yard signs can be to a person like me, a college student who is always looking for the next sign!

Yard signs are typically associated with political campaigns, directional signs, and community announcements. While we have designed signs for politics and elections, our team is able to design and produce amusing, pleasing, and exciting yard signs for just about any purpose that you or your brand may need. For example, a yard sign is a great way to celebrate someone special!

My experience with signs:

During the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, I noticed a lot of signs to promote safety guidelines and information regarding the virus. While these signs were necessary at the time, the ones that I still distinctly remember were the graduation signs, celebrating the class of 2020. I also remember the signs that were posted in businesses to show support for the graduation class, their employees, and customers. The signs during that time also showed support for the nurses and doctors at the hospitals day in and day out. Check out these signs we did for the Apex Public School Foundation in 2020:

When we could not directly talk to one another, signs became an important medium to communicate and convey our sense of community. If there is a positive thought you can take away about the pandemic, it's that signs can offer your brand an effective space and environment to be remembered and cultivate a sense of community.

What sign do you need?

When thinking about how to use an effective marketing tool, like signs, you don't want to be just another square on the lawn. Think outside the box and make sure your design stands out with custom shapes and colors. Our graphic design team is more than willing to collaborate and produce the most creative sign that will catch many eyes. Check out all of these options for your sign, here.

In the past, we have collaborated with McCollum Law to create a unique key design sign to help them celebrate a closing! This was a special way for the team at McCollum Law to show support for the new homeowners and the fun key design allowed their firm to stand out amongst the others.

Do you have a recent graduate in your family?

Whether it is for college, high school, or any other grade, we have you covered. Show your graduate how much you appreciate them by working with our graphics team to make a special sign just for them!

Yard signs don't have to be limited to political campaigns and election season. With help from our design team, you and your brand can have fun, inventive and creative signs that stand out across the lawns.

If you are looking for more ways a sign can be used to promote your image or brand, check out our other blog posts that talk about the different functions of signs, here.

This is your sign to take action- let's collaborate.

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