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What's creative about a handshake, wallet or keytag?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Creatives- who and what are they?

Innovative thinkers- Who see a new approach

Designers- That figure out how to make something more, with less

Artists, musicians, inventors or writers- That inspire us with their talents

When you meet individuals or teams that are vested in being purposely different- we'd say you've met creatives.

Our industry is full of creatives.

Designers, innovators and those that deliver inspiring brand messages with clever campaigns.

January 6th is National Technology Day. It's pretty difficult to find individuals not using technology around you each day. It's become the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and an critical business tool.

Over the last year we've featured purpose driven and innovative technology such as:

Let's explore 3 innovative technology products or brands that offer full color imprints. Our imagination can apply our graphic knowledge to create captivating designs.

Like this bluetooth key finder- Boost your brand when you give out this Spot Pro: Bluetooth finder and key chain to customers! When customers are ready to lock up the house behind them and turn the ignition to go on an adventure this tag is perfect. Not only is this great for carrying keys, but it's also easy to find it and other devices by firing up a free app on your phone. Clever & colorful.

Linq - is a networking platform that allows you to share your information with others using completely customizable pages. Share your information remotely or with SmartProducts. Showcase photography, book a shoot, all just by tapping your Linq Card. List out all of your links and socials, then link to your page from your Insta bio. Share your personal contact & your business contact with the same card. Just by tapping your product or scanning a QR code with their camera you instantly share info- no app required. Pretty creative aye?

Maybe even this modern travel clutch. It fits right on your phone. It's perfect for ID, credit cards or a room key when you're traveling. Plus, it's a phone strap that gives you a better grip on your device eliminating the need for a big, bulky wallet or purse on a night out.

The perfect pairing.

What type of technology do you find creative & helpful?

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