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When A Snack Attack Strikes, Will You Be Ready?

There are all types of emergencies. A snack break might not rise to the level of a crisis. Then again, when you read these stat's you might think otherwise.

It's National Snack Month, so chew on this:

According to KCRA- About 62% reported replacing at least one meal a day with snacks. America's eating habits have always changed with the times.

Snacking is a regular part of many consumers' diets. More than two in five global consumers (45%) say they often snack in between meals (“Snackers”), according to a YouGov poll across 43 major markets.

More than half of consumers (58 percent) aged between 18 and 24 years old had eaten snacks instead of meals at home, compared to only around 42 percent of those aged between 45 and 54 years old.

Fresh batches of snacks, ready to ship out for birthdays, anniversaries, new hire welcome, closing gifts or just to show some appreciation.

We have options!

Easy distribution with boxed kits with stories.

Mailing tubes of all types of snack treats.

Road trips that are both salty & sweet stories that travel with you.

Desserts that will keep those with a sweet tooth happy. Including one of Oprah's favorite things.

Snack attacks for parties - like the recent Superbowl.

Personally- M&M's are our O's favorite!

From sets to singles, we have options!

It's even a smart marketing idea to provide snack containers & clips to keep you top of mind; according to the stat's at least once a day aye? Carry to work one of these solutions.

Never worry again about a clean table.

Maybe even a calendar of zero calorie treats!

Have we made you hungry for a food promotion?

It makes sense to keep your brand within reach.

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