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Where's Your Destination To Style?

Let's face it, styles change.

An ability to be "ready" for the day's challenges, means a workable wardrobe.

Comfortable fabrics can be dressed up or down make your wardrobe- work. A smart, well dressed individual knows the details matter when selecting clothing.

Fabrics that are easy care, that don't require a lot of pressing to stay crisp & sharp are a plus when developing an adaptable wardrobe. Similarly, core staples that work jeans, then transfer easily to a more professional setting or upscale after-hours event are a must for any closet.

Fit is now more relaxed, rather than fitted styles that are super close to the body, modern fabrics with more give to the construction allow the individual to decide what feel & fit works best for their body type and comfort level. Think about it, when you feel good, you are in a good mood and more likely to project confidence.

What types of fabric provide more flexibility?

  • Tri-blends due to the rayon

  • Fabrics with spandex yarns

  • Softer CVC blends or 100% cotton with french terry or sponge fleece

  • Often, organic and reclaimed materials may feel more comfortable to wear.

A signature jacket or sweater that is easily dressed up or down, neutral color choices that work with pops of color from your wardrobe that fit your personal style are both considerations when developing a corporate look that feels right for everyone on the team. It's no longer essential we be dressed in matching outfits, it's more important that we look cohesive as a team! Cohesiveness is the secret to a workable wardrobe.

Let's refresh your style for 2024; that's what the showroom experience offers.

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