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6 Ways to Refresh Season's Greetings!

In a digital age greeting cards are not always the way we communicate. However December is still a popular month to send a physical card or letter. Among the stack of bills and solicitations, or this year campaign materials, it's nice to receive something personal. Taking time to send a message of cheer or sharing news about what's new in your life is special when it's in writing. By writing, we take time to stop and think for a moment about word choice and our message.

Today is National Letter Writing Day!

Let's explore some ways writing should become part of your marketing efforts.

  1. Conveying a story- new service or product within your business.

  2. Updating your paper communications- to make sure your stationary, forms, cards and envelopes reflect your current brand message; the color, font and style.

  3. Selecting a unique time of year to send a greeting- Thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary of your first order, etc. Not only will your greeting not be lost in the shuffle, but it's more manageable, personal and will stand out to the recipient.

  4. Call to action- with purpose. Would you like someone to attend a conference or stop by your booth at an expo? Send them a card- but not just any card. Consider the adaptability of seed paper, which once it's read can be crushed up, planted and will grow a plant!

  5. Combining the popularity of kitting- add a tangible to your message.

  6. Integrate technology with print and video.

Keep in mind that while there are stock options, when it comes to creating mail, that's an area we can apply our graphic expertise. In the graphic studio, we have paper samples and examples to make planning simple. Our team will create something creative and custom to your needs.

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