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A Thumbs Up to Growth

You've heard it said that April Showers bring May flowers- so we thought it would be fun for our first shower of the month to offer you this quirky enough to work item, a seed depth bottle opener planter. Say that product description 5 times fast!

What makes this quirky too both functional & fun? The dual purpose.

It's just the tool you need to ensure your gardening efforts don't go to waste. Once your seeds are properly in place, you can use it to crack open a refreshing cold drink. This is perfect for handing out at earth day events, tradeshows, new hires or even a conference.

We also like the marketing story. The product is a call to action, encouraging the recipient to plant seeds for the future. This month each of our featured April Shower products will also be part of our Cares Program to contribute to the Wake Tech Foundation.

Investing in education is the first step to a successful future. You might even say it's a growing a greener future- now that's a thumbs up! How has Wake Tech Foundation been growing financial investments into bright futures for their students? Read the impact story here.

By the way, do you have a green thumb?

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