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How Can You Help Shape Brighter Futures?

As the Apex community is an ever-changing landscape of development, the education of the students in this community must keep up with this progression. An impactful foundation that has been chosen to support students and teachers in this endeavor is the Apex Public School Foundation. The Apex Public School Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, volunteer organization whose mission is to maintain a fund to enhance the educational experience for students at Apex-area schools within the Wake County school district.

Who Do They Serve & How?

The Apex Public School Foundation serves all Wake County Public Schools with an Apex, NC mailing address. This includes 3 high schools, 5 middle schools, and 11 elementary schools by providing funding beyond traditional sources. At the heart of Apex Public School Foundation's success lies a set of core values that guide its every endeavor.

Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are the three main goals of the Apex Public School Foundation, as they venture to instill these values into each student at Apex Public School. APSF activities are made possible through generous contributions and donations from local residents, businesses, organizations, and corporations.

What Is Their Impact?

Their community commitment to education also positively impacts the quality of life for both residents and businesses in the area. To strengthen that commitment, the APSF provides funding beyond traditional sources. Take a look at some of their programs that have great impacts on our local schools:

  • Educator Discount Program: For eligible employees the Apex Public School Foundation provides discounts or upgrades to services or goods at participating local businesses.

  • Health & Wellness Program: The APSF hosts free health and wellness-oriented webinars featuring local and regional experts in the areas of student organization and motivation, stress and anxiety, and self-harm.

  • School Staff Recognition: The APSF loves to highlight the fantastic efforts that educators and school staff members make on a daily basis so they developed two programs to showcase these efforts, Shoutouts and the S.T.A.R. Award in partnership with the Town of Apex.

What Is Our Connection?

We wanted to discuss the importance of the Apex Public School Foundation, during our recognition of the Town of Apex’s 150-year anniversary. This critical foundation is supported by many people and businesses residing in Apex and even the Town of Apex itself. Without the APSF our students and teachers would not be able to have these incredible resources as discussed above.

From the moment APSF was a dream and started to take shape around the vision we'd been a supporter! Olivia's association with fundraising as a partner or securing resources as a teacher knows first hand how much their recognition, education and grants have been a huge asset for the local community.

Apex Public School Foundation's dedication to nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders has been unwavering since its inception. Its legacy serves as an inspiration for other educational institutions, proving that with vision and determination, we can build a brighter future through education. For more ways to help the APSF and their efforts, volunteer, donate or learn more information, here.

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