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Jurassic World or Adaptation?

In 1994 Bill Gates famously said, “banks are dinosaurs”, yet despite his prediction of doom, banks operating revenue continues to rise. In 2018, finance & insurance represented 7.4 % of the US gross domestic product. While clearly financial services are thriving, consumers are going digital. Reviews on financial institutions reinforce that less American are carrying cash and consumer loyalty is down; where’s the best “deal”. Switching banks years ago was tough, rectifying the checkbook and closing one account, wasn't an easy task. Now consumers have immediate information about their purchases. Financial markets need to adapt to the modern consumer.

How can a branded product assist financial markets?

A digital footprint relies on visual engagement and ease of use.

There are many print rich products that are useful to consumers that can easily point out your key benefits, map out what sets you apart from your competition and demonstrate how easy your package of services can be for consumers with a preview to your benefits; like a movie trailer. Considering layering your message with by embedding a video link in a QR code like a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Speaking of banking, wallets have changed over the years. Gone are the huge checkbooks. We often carry cards more than actual currency, making access to our information more accessible to criminals. RFID products help to safe guard our money, while integrated into our own personal style. Modern wallets keep us moving from the office to the gym, without missing a step.

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