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Put Alittle Mayo In Your Toolbox

Updated: Mar 25

Often an old toolbox has at least one gadget that's a mystery.

Because I am curious & solution oriented, I love exploring ideas. The exploration process often reveals a new way of solving a challenge. When I was a kid my dad created a tree swing for me. I could swing for hours, going higher & higher; talking & singing. The swing was my happy place. My imagination was free to dream.

Art has always been a part of my life. I love how different mediums can express emotions, thoughts, or capture a moment in time. The unlimited possibilities satisfies my creative side and offers me a space to be an idea engineer.

I am excited by meeting new people because I love their stories. Remembering names can often be a struggle for me till I've had some repetition. However if you have a dog that sleeps on a polka dot pillow, that I will remember.

A sense of community grounds me. By plugging into my community, I'm absorbing the currency & culture around me. When I listen to what makes my network dream & explore, it helps me connect the dots. Then those dots lead to new opportunities, which excites me.

Work requires being actionable & setting goals. It's my way to stay passionate about developing strategy & creating experiences for our partners is on-going professional development. Collaboration between our partners is our foundational magic . We use that wizardry to craft project solutions around marketing, advertising, and employee engagement needs; creating solutions. We love adding partnership tools to our box. Learning keeps the creative wheel going.

We're always looking for ways to strengthen our team. We became HUB status back in 2007, as a way to connect with businesses seeking women- owned partnerships. Through our industry certification programs we also learn & grow. Our on-going commitment to professional development is a huge part of what shapes the Promotional Partners toolkit. Ask me what I learned in my last 30 hours of renewal credits. I'm always happy to share. After-all it's a new conversation. Now the mayo- why should it be in your toolbox; you'll have to read my next post. Sneaky huh?

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