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10 Reasons To Walk This Way!

I know Aerosmith sang about walking this way- but apparently there is no one way to walk; just more important that we do it! We know the benefits, but do we make the simple act of walking part of our daily routine? I'm not talking about the walk from the house to the garage to the office- I mean an activity with some length to it! Today is National Take a Walk Day, so let's explore some key benefits to walking.

Why should we walk?

1. To burn calories! The distance, the terrain and the speed impact your caloric loss.

2. Strengthen your heart! Walking can decrease your risk of coronary disease.

3. Improve your blood sugar levels- just with 15 minutes 3 times a day!

4. Ease joint pain.

5. Boost your immune system - less sick days

6. Boost your energy level.

7. Improve your mood - couldn't we all use some of that right now

8. Extend your life.

9. Tone your legs.

10. Creative thinking!!!!!! I often get ideas when I walk, it clears my head, making it easier to see new options.

Right now I am missing our work walks- a chance to socialize! It's a goal that we have to commit to when we return to the routine- 15; 3 times a day!

Since we are not healthcare professionals, but marketers, I must share some ways you can promote walking with branded items. Such as:

1. Socks! There are socks for every style

2. Sneakers- what about a custom pair; perhaps a prize for a work challenge!

3. Golfing shoes- walk all 18 holes!

5. Unity- Support- show unity and support for a cause with a shoe tag! Maybe even support for local businesses- they could use the love!

We can even create a custom kit to motivate your coworkers while stuck at home or add other workout components to inspire healthy goals. Consider comparing results on a virtual board or taking a virtual walk with a different coworker each day to get to know that person better!

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