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Generational Diversity Is Powerful

Every business likes to have its own superpowers - that includes us.

A micro business is no different, as a micro business focuses its talents on how to be an effective business partner for their consumer base. In our case, being community engaged, and a collaborative partner, we use our marketing & graphic expertise to create impactful products that become effective tools for amplifying the message of our partners.

For example:
  • A coin design can share common goals, a moment in time, or an achievement.

  • A coloring book can capture iconic images and spark the idea of leadership that could generate a vision in youth for future leadership

  • A storybook can encourage conversation and motivate readers to find common ground

  • A simple sticker or button can convey powerful messages to others around the workplace.

Besides our normal core values of collaboration, creativity, certification, and community, our business has one more superpower- generational diversity, which offers a unique blend of perspectives.

The article “Why Generational Diversity Is The Ultimate Competitive Edge" caught our attention recently because it reinforced what we’ve come to expect in our own micro-business. As a team, we learn from different perspectives and experiences. A couple of weeks ago we posted about a women’s event which captured speakers reflecting on professional growth moments that happened through proximity. Learning never stops. Listening & talking about any challenge in the workplace provides a unique blend of experiences for solving a challenge.

Going forward as our business continues to grow and change, this lesson of generational diversity will always motivate our micro business to amplify everyone's perspectives and voices. This includes recognizing important dates that celebrate our unique and powerful business model. June 27th was declared “Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day,” by the United Nations to raise awareness of the tremendous contributions of micro-small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to the local and national economy.

Did you know?

MSMEs account for 90% of businesses, 60 to 70% of employment, and 50% of GDP worldwide.

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