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5 Reasons to Fulfill Wishes!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Don't we all wish we could granted all of our wishes?

What would be on our wish-list to fulfill? Let's take a look at the data from a recent study, conducted by our industry partner PPAI, that focuses on the preferences of the modern consumer around the topic of gifting.

We anticipate the easy route from employer's with a gift card at the holidays. One might argue that a card fits all sizes making it an ideal gift, however, do you really recall what you purchased with your last gift card? We've outlined 5 good reasons not to give out a give card.

Okay, so you plan to give out something tangible, but what to give and how much should you spend?

To brand or not to brand? Does it matter if all of your gifts have your logo or message applied to the surface? It depends. Sometime only using a small section of an imprint area, applying your logo in an unexpected location, tone on tone decoration or retail inspired decoration methods are the perfect solution to insure that your gift is appreciated & used.

Consumable gifts are also a signature way to layer in value and quickly bring us together with a personal connection.

What about brand name products- how do consumers respond & why. We have posts that delve into 5 reasons to consider purchasing popular retail brands for your gifting programs, as well as an entire category around popular brand names & gifting ideas.

Are consumers influenced by branded products? Yes, research shows they leave a lasting impression.

We've got some ways to be your own personal genie, making sure that gifting is simple. Use your local advantage to collaborate with our team to design the perfect solution for you. If you love data, this report breaks down the effectiveness of consumer response to tangible products.

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