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What Are Essential Steps In Branding?

As creatives, our team enjoys how the collaborative process weaves together your brand story.

Before a logo is crafted to represent your brand, it's important to learn about your vision, mission and purpose.

Extracting the look & feel that's important to face of your business is more than creating a brand guide to your color, font & placements. Developing a brand includes understanding your style - the look & feel that's your brand identity.

The next step is designing!

A Brand Refresh Story

Sometimes your logo has unintended challenges. Half tones & gradients are a common issue when decorating product because some types of decoration can't produce those visually appealing elements or will add cost. Here's a recent story around Little Bean Speech, seeking to refresh their logo and apply it to textile products using embroidery.

A Brand Launch Story

Our design team rocks! Each time we consult with a potential new partner seeking graphic services, we will advise them of key areas we avoid in the design process. Take a look at our collaborative process at work through these two partner stories. The Chris Murray Team and

The next step is creating a campaign.

Your Voice Matters

Your audience engages, watches and responds over time. The modern consumer wants to connect with your brand through keywords, mentions and comments. Being recognized for your appearance is one layer, adding credibility & reliability to your message is the voice behind your brand. We apply our industry knowledge at each step; knowing the partners & products that align with your values.

Your Appearance Matters

Besides the quality & usefulness of a product, the decoration method is what attracts the eye. There are so many choices for decoration. We stay on top of all the latest trends and in the graphic design process to limit issues when your ready to market & advertise.

What types of projects?

Every project is about you- our partnership is crafted with visionary assurance, united purpose.

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