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Love Local, By Using Your Footprint!

Updated: May 1, 2023

It's National Small Business Week and throughout the triangle the message will be to support local. Here in Apex, the Town of Apex's Economic Development Department is kicking off a week focus on small business week in Apex with a Love Local spotlight.

Owning your own business is similar to the feeling a child has when they step in adult shoes and take a step. It's an exhilarating & unknown outcome, yet the curiosity generates action. A child can't fully grasp the magnitude of their growth over their lifetime. Their growth will be emotional, physical and mental, again, similar to the journey of owning a business.

Did you know in 2021 there were 934,604 small businesses in NC, representing 99.6% of all business, employing 1.7 million people. What can 1.7 people do together?

Support each other.

By using your footsteps to walk into local businesses for goods & services your support is allowing businesses to thrive & employ a huge workforce. That workforce is comprised of your friends and your neighbors! It's a loving local partnership that continues to fulfill, fuel and inspire us each day!

In May, we celebrate 16 years in business- which is enough time to complete the K-12 & collegiate experience. We are frequently asked to share our back story, which starts with a scientist & an artist, and continues each day in the heart of historic Downtown Apex. The short version of this story is lies in our relationships with each of you. We want to provide good & services that define your brand by offering our creativity to your projects.

Our name is a huge clue what's behind our brand. Partnership is the root of mission and our core values of collaboration, creativity, certification & community guide our actions. Hence the name; Promotional Partners. We are an agency that helps our partners increase brand awareness, recruit & retain talent, show appreciation, fund-raise, celebrate your culture & values and offer quality, sustainable & impactful solutions for brand's of every shape, size & industry.

Visionary Assurance, United Purpose is our tagline because relationships require trust, communication & collaboration to be productive. By forging a strong foundation, together we're able to execute a united vision. Our purpose is to be your local advantage partner, supporting your vision in business by crafting creative campaigns that convey your brand message. ( Thanks to 621Productions for the video in the visionary assurance, united purpose link)

Over the years we've share numerous posts about our journey as business owners.

Here are 10 of those stories:

  1. What's the fuel behind growing the business?

  2. Lessons learned & lessons shared- such as the power of 3 little beans & building strong networks

  3. Harnessing the fear factor drives you forward

  4. Break some rules, challenge norms; a little unconventional is good.

  5. Our personal side in this 2022 post.

  6. Why professional development is at the core of our business

  7. Our own personal story Apex's 150 celebration reflects that community means for us

  8. Ways we can support each other

  9. Giving back, supporting the community that helps us

  10. What's left behind with your footprint.

We love supporting our local partners, for example this photo and most of the images on our website are from the talented DANIELLE DOUGLAS

Small Business Week runs through Saturday. Check out the booth's during PeakFest , on Saturday May 6th, those business sponsorships totaling over $20,000. The festival commission gives back in the community through our grants program once our expenses are paid. Make plans to stop by the Apex Rotary Pancake breakfast in the am, learn about our club here. Stop by our Promotional Partners booth to learn about a local non-profit called Peak Beginnings and look for me in my bright orange PeakFest shirt to say Hi. This annual event is truly a celebration of community!

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